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Spudland Alpacas Spring Sale

Welcome to Spudland Alpacas located in beautiful Blaine, Maine. Our farm is nestled in Maine's most northern county, Aroostook, where family, alpacas, and potatoes grow together.


Potatoes and Alpacas go together today just as they did 500 years ago when the Spanish first came to Peru and discovered the potato. You might not expect to find this combination in Aroostook County, Maine, but the owners of Spudland Alpacas think this combination works just fine.

With its rolling fields and vast blue sky of Maine's north, Aroostook County provides an ideal breeding location for quality, well-fleeced alpacas. And that's what we grow.

Come visit us and enjoy our alpacas, our scenery, and a quality of life that helps makes "Maine, the way life should be."

And while you're at it... We have a lot of alpaca package options. Start your herd today...

We have also been trying to add more pictures to our facebook page. Check out Spudland Alpacas' Facebook page.


Richard Porter
P.O. Box 43
Blaine, ME 04734
(207) 551-3002



Store Hours Are By Appointment
For your store visit, give us a call at: 207-425-5121 or cell 207-551-3002


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